I always though about going to Israel but I never acted on it, then recently I had the opportunity. My wife and I decided now was the time; we went with a group led by pastors from affiliated churches and our tour guide there had a history degree. I have only great memories from my 2 Israel tours, soon to be 3. There are more sights and information taught than can be retained which is why we continue to go back. The biblical teaching at every site we stop at imprints geographical sights and sounds into the biblical narrative. It’s like the bible went from black and white to color. The Word is just as true as always but there is now a personal connection that I never had before. The people are loving and kind, the land is beautiful and the energy and excitement of the Old City in Jerusalem has to be experienced to truly understand. There is thousands of years of history in the little county that God has blessed, come see for yourself what you have only imagined in your mind.
Paul J.
Israel is a unique country that has the finger prints of God visible throughout the tiny nation. Being able to see with your own eyes the picture that is painted in the Word of God, causes the Scripture to come alive in a way that no one could explain in words alone. To walk on the very stone steps leading up to the Temple Mount where Jesus very feet walked, and seeing the places vividly describe in Scripture with your own eyes is beyond amazing. It is an experience that you will cherish always. My wife summarizes it this way: “You can leave Israel, but it never leaves you.”
Vic K.
I’ve been to Israel with this tour group four times now, and I am never disappointed. The company is run with integrity and professionalism. The hotel accommodations are amazing and the food is exquisite! I have never had so much delicious food options before me! This tour offers a chance to be a part of Israel’s culture while still enjoying American amenities. The tour guides are always so polite and friendly, taking the time to explain things a couple of times if need be. The bus drivers also have a warmth that makes you feel welcome every time you get on their bus for another days adventure. I had so much fun all four times with all the fellowship and fun from those that were on the tour! I made lifetime friends! I would suggest bringing someone you’re close to, so that you can experience all that Israel has to offer together! I would have to say that my favorite part was the Biblical history that comes to life all around you! I was immersing myself in the truth of God’s Words with every step that I took. My faith became reality. It took me weeks to debrief all that I had seen and done, and still to this day, when I read the Bible, my heart and mind are immediately back in Israel..
Brooke H.
I was looking forward to our tour of the Holy Land but what I experienced exceeded my expectations in every respect. The quality of a tour is highly dependent on the tour guides, and the guides associated with Chapel Tours are definitely at the top of their class! Our guides were Israeli citizens, born in Israel, and were extremely knowledgeable on the geography, history, and politics of the region. They were also well versed in the Bible, both Old Testament and New. Leading tours and sharing their knowledge was clearly their passion, not just a job. What I saw and learned in those few days brought to life places and features that had been just points on a map in the back of my Bible. It also gave me a much better understanding of the unique geography of the region, its strategic significance, and the challenges Israel faces, both external and internal. On top of all that, the food and accommodations were first rate! It has been one year since my wife and I first visited Israel with Chapel Tours and we have already signed up for a second trip!
Andy F.