PASTOR TESTIMONIALS These are some of our 5 Star Rated Reviews from Pastors!

Over the years I've taken numerous tour groups from our church and introduced them to the Holy Land. On occasion I'm asked "why would I go to Israel or take our flock there?". My answer is simple,   because it takes the Bible and turns it from a black and white experience into HD!  The places that we visit are found throughout the Scriptures; Capernaum, Elah Valley, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, En-Gedi, Area of Dan, Beth-shan, the Jordan River, etc.  During the trip, the Bible takes on new relevance, seeing the sites and knowing that the saints of old were there.  Having a tour guide explain the historical as well as biblical reason for each site is amazing.  Then hearing a biblical study from the pastor makes it personal, impacting the heart for life.  When you get home and read your Bible, you'll remember being there and it comes alive like never before.  It’s a trip that has lasting impact upon every soul and even touches the lives of those who were not able attend.  It’s a trip that keeps on giving!!!!  I encourage everyone I can to make a trip to Israel.  I would also encourage every pastor to consider leading a group from your church to see the land where Jesus walked, your church will never be the same. Transformation takes place!
Calvary Ahwatukee has used Chapel Tours to take 10 groups to Israel.  Without exception, each one of those tours was a "trip of a lifetime" for us.  Chapel Tours, with Jeremy Higgins at the helm, has always delivered an exceptional tour experience through crisp organization, professional attention to detail, clear and frequent communication, and a blessed partnership with the finest tour company and tour guides in Israel. Year after year Chapel Tours, and Jeremy Higgins, have delivered complete satisfaction and tremendous value.  We look forward with great excitement to our next tour, in 2020!
I've been blessed to arrange hundreds of tours to Israel over the past 25+ years and personally lead 16 tours, with two different churches, in the past 20 years, and i've never heard anyone say that they were disappointed in the journey, actually quite the contrary. This is a life changing experience that I wish every Christian in the church today could have. Going to Israel on a Biblical teaching tour brings the Bible to life. It takes what people hare read for years and makes it personal and intimate. I've not only seen it grow hundreds of individuals in their faith, I've witnessed it strengthen the bonds of fellowship within our church significantly. We will continue to bring groups to Israel until the Lord calls us home to be with Him!