Whether this is your 50th trip to Israel or your first time leading a group, Chapel Tours is here to help you every step of the way. Chapel Tours is family owned and operated, enjoying more then 25 years serving the Evangelical market. It’s our goal to help as many Pilgrims as possible experience the Holy Land firsthand, to provide a first rate tour with the best guides, buses and drivers, at affordable prices. We consider it our mission to give you the best tour at the best price.

At Chapel Tours we know that a trip to Israel is a life changing experience. An experience that affords you and your congregants to literally “walk in the footsteps of Jesus”. You’re able to experience with all of your senses the topography of the land, see the many sights where Jesus taught and performed miracles, sail on the Sea of Galilee, get Baptized in the Jordan River, touch the ancient stones making up the walls of the Temple, and even eat the same foods and smell the same spices that were eaten in the days of Christ.

We realize that many pastors earn a modest salary and that the congregants will most likely not go without the guidance and encouragement of their trusted pastor. Therefore we price in a free trip for the pastor to enable you to take your church. Please reach out to us for more info on how this works.

We believe that be leading members of your congregation on a personal pilgrimage to Israel you are not only helping the Bible come to life for them, you are helping to build their faith and understanding of Scripture. You also have the opportunity to get to know your congregants in a deeper, more personal way which helps to build long lasting, fruitful relationships.